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 Welcome to Dyna Fluid VALVES and flow controls Pvt. Ltd.,

Welcome to DynaFluid Valves And Flow Controls Pvt, Ltd, Founded by Mr. M. T Kulkarnii, is family owned and operating under his dynamic leadership, who is Mechanical Engineer with over 42 years of experience of manufacturing process control instruments “Goa” brand products for measurement of Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Level & Instrumentation Valves.

We are the leaders in manufacturing various types of Industrial Valves, Valves and Pump Components and Flow Products for Industrial applications like Sugar, Power, Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and other process Industries.
We manufacture valves in sizes ranging right from DN15 to DN600. Sizes larger than DN600 are under development. Machined Cast Component varies from 1 kg to 200 Kgs. The company has many sets of excellent mechanical processing equipments and modernized inspection and testing equipments for our products.
Our Flow measurement control products range from Orifice plate assembly, Restriction Orifice plate assembly (single stage & multistage), Flow nozzle assembly, Venturi tube, Averaging Pitot tube, Aerofoil, Level Cages (Level external chambers / Level bye-pass chambers) and so on.

Our Pump and Valve Component Division manufactures, Valve body, bonnet, Plugs, Casings, Brackets, Impellers, Bearing Frames, Shafts and many more parts in various materials and exports countries like USA, UK and so on.

A-State-of-the-Art manufacturing facility, continuous Research & Development, innovative technology & stringent quality improvement at every stage have been some of the key factors in the manufacturing process since inception.

We have built first class reputation of total understanding of customer requirements and needs, thus delivering excellent products and services at competitive prices.

For us, commitment and integrity are valued the most, which reflects in the philosophy of achieving total customer satisfaction.
With a presence in major cities in India and a growing international network across all continents, we are in a position to reach clients all over the world.